ICPE offers additional programs of professional training and retraining with application of e-learning. E-learning is carried out for the trainee, who is located a great distance from the classroom. The trainees are granted logins and passwords to enter Learning Management System (LMS) and videoconference communication system, thus they are provided with access to all electronic training resources. Webinars, discussion panels, forums and chats are held within this system; trainees get their assignments and send reports, get tested and assessed in their academic progress. The language of the interface can be easily modified by the user.

In ICPE e-learning involves various techniques and combinations of techniques, which may depend upon the type of the program, its specific features and size. Many options are provided on demand of the customer when it comes to e-learning techniques choice. Particularly, information and educational resources can be presented in a wide range of contemporary formats: in text, hypertext, video, virtual practical training sessions and simulators, educational films. In addition to that, information and educational resources can be promptly translated into any language required.