Training admission

Admission of foreign students to the programs of additional professional training is performed upon acceptance of the applicant’s educational background status and (or) qualification, obtained in a foreign country, by the Russian Federation Authorities. This procedure is performed in accordance with Laws of the Russian Federation and may be specified in International Contracts issued by the Russian Federation, which regulate the terms of foreign applicant’s education and qualification level recognition or estimation of its equivalence.

Recognition of foreign official documents about education and (or) qualifications of a person in the Russian Federation territory is official validation of documents about education and (or) qualification issued by foreign countries which enables the bearer of such documents to acquire education in the Russian Federation.

Recognition and validation of documents about education in the Russian Federation is carried out by Federal Education and Science Supervision Service (hereinafter referred to as Rosobrnadzor).

The procedure of foreign education and (or) qualification recognition in Russian Federation is supervised by FGBNU «Glavexperttsentr» ФГБНУ «Главэкспертцентр» and National Information center, they provide technical and management support for Rosobrnadzor and also determine the scope of Rosobrnadzor authority.

Annually Rosobrnadzor issues an information letter that specifies a list of countries which have concluded agreement with the Russian Federation on mutual recognition of official documents about education